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The modern role of HR Management requires leaders to properly manage HR metrics, strategic direction, and measurements to provide value. The importance of an effective and modern HRM function cannot be underestimated within an organization. Finding, capturing, and using the best data is every HR leader’s challenge. We’ve dedicated our careers to understanding the data resources and best ways to use it for advancing the organization. Whether large or small, there is data available that can improve the bottom line. We can help you find and interpret it.
Bryan Bennett, DBA, CCP, GRP, PHR

CEO, Data Scientist

Kevin Danko, PhD, SHRM-SCP

COO, Senior Strategist

Years Experience
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Full Range of Data Science

Bennett Intelligent Solutions, LLC (BIS®) serves the comprehensive needs of business leaders in the full range of data science. With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to projects, BIS® offers a variety of services customizable for business leaders from any level or size to include:

Automated “right-time” on-line dashboard reporting

Predictive algorithms that support predictive analysis and provide data insight
Analysis to improve behaviors and, ultimately, the way you do business

Bennett Intelligent Solutions, LLC (BIS®) partners with clients to provide flexible solutions tailored to the client, be it on-site, remotely, or both. We prefer to work on projects as a team, partnering to assist the client in all areas of the business simultaneously. BIS® provides sustainable solutions that were otherwise only available to large businesses or through costly cloud-based providers providing packaged analysis. Our experts advise and support business leaders through each stage of the project or business development.

What sets us apart is the ability to provide customized and tailored data to for leaders in all organizations, whether large or small, private, or public, and in all industries, from family-businesses to professional firms, to get the information needed to be more efficient and profitable.

Creativity – a first-to-market industry leader with data innovation

Knowledge – subject-matter expert in data science

Technical & Conceptual Ability – turn-key advanced technical skills and strategic capabilities

BIS® will fall second to no one regarding customer service