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Predictive modeling and data science solutions for more informed business decisions.

Predictive algorithms to assist with predictive analysis and data insight

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Analysis to change behaviors and, ultimately, the way you do business
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Small business, big data

When it is good data – validated, reliable, patterned, comprehensive, and tested – it can reveal hidden patterns, customer preferences, cost fluctuation, and other meaningful insights.

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One size does not fit all

Organizational leaders are faced with the quandary of determining how best to train and develop their workforce remain competitive, retain talent, and attract new and qualified applicants.

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BIS® provides a suite of surveys focused only on the specific employment situation in the CSRA

We give company leaders the ability to gain better insight into every aspect of their business.

Predictive Analytics

Reduce risk, make data‐driven decisions, and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Predictive Modeling

We help you to minimize errors when predicting particular outcomes.