Our Areas of Specialization Include:

For over 25 years, BIS® has been providing leading-edge, HR consulting services for small, mid-size and large businesses in highly diverse industries. Our clients have come to expect and appreciate an unusually personalized level of service, as our successful reputation was built on knowing our clients well…their unique business objectives and HR challenges. At BIS® you will never have to rely on an 888#, that offers a “one-solution-fits-all” approach to solving today’s complex HR issues. We work face-to-face.

Advisory Services

In today’s extremely complicated business environment, hundreds of situations arise that interrupt productivity and can take a business off course, unless they’re navigated effectively. That’s when companies often turn to BIS®.

At BIS® we employ, rather than outsource, a highly experienced team of human resources experts, who not only hold professional certifications and advanced education, but who also have hands-on HR experience. This specialized level of experience enables us to provide the most effective advice and guidance for the most complex HR issues. Our consultants partner with our clients’ management teams in the following areas—

  • Advisory Services that help navigate the most complex HR challenges
  • Enhanced HR capabilities, leading to more informed decision-making
  • Guidance to achieve on-going regulatory compliance
  • Resources to develop a high-performing company culture
  • Strategies and tactics to develop more motivated employees

What makes our client experience different from others is the quality and dedication of our full-time staff, which specialize and are subject experts in human resources.

Employee Relations

When it comes to Employee Relations, why is it that most employers acknowledge people to be their greatest asset, but find it so difficult to prioritize this key resource that critically impact company performance? Building a work environment that is recognized as a “great place to work” is not easy or quick and it requires guidance from experienced HR professionals. But it is well worth the undertaking, since it creates a positive workplace that in turn creates a successful workforce.

At BIS® we create high-performing work environments built on trust, productivity, ownership, and accountability that is proven to lead to greater organizational success. With a balanced approach on Organization Culture and Compliance, our Employee Relations Services ensure your company will be equipped to effectively navigate Federal and State regulatory compliance. Which, at the same time, create an environment that’s highly-productive and well-aligned with your company culture.

Managing a workforce is very complex and ignorance of the Laws is not a defense. Many regulations that govern your workplace must be thoroughly understood to minimize exposure and limit a company’s risk. Just as important is interpreting and correctly applying HR policies and practices. BIS® ensures your company will be in compliance, helping eliminate costly fines, claims, and/or legal complications.

  1. Our Employee Relations services include:
  2. Organization Assessments
  3. Policy Development
  4. Management/Leadership Development
  5. Regulatory Compliance
  6. Human Resource Operations Audit

Compensation & Benefits

Structuring competitive Compensation and Employee Benefit Plans is often a very delicate balancing act. If a company’s pay and employee benefit rates are too high, they can hurt profitability and impact future growth. If pay and benefit rates are too low, employees may be easily swayed to “jump ship” and join the competition.

Carefully developing Compensation and Employee Benefit Plans (based on current labor market data, economic conditions and performance standards), is one of the best ways to protect your organization from these threats.

Companies engage BIS® to design, analyze and develop competitive Compensation and Employee Benefit Plans that attract, retain, and reward high performing employees. The benefits of effectively structured plans include:

  • Reducing overall labor costs
  • Attracting, retaining, and rewarding top talent
  • Increasing a workforce’s return-on-investment
  • Enhanced insurance broker relationships

The BIS® proven experience enables us to provide a wide range of Compensation and Employee Benefit Services including:

  • Compensation programs
  • Job descriptions and performance evaluations
  • Policy development for statutory requirements
  • Performance management strategies
  • Technical design of tools for on-going management

In today’s globalized economy, it’s the quality and commitment of a company’s workforce that has the potential to either drive true competitive advantage…or weaken it.


As the world’s business community grows smaller and smaller through a globalized economy, identifying and securing premiere talent is critical to achieving a clear competitive advantage.

Studies show the real cost of replacing departing employees can be the equivalent of six months to one year of their salaries. Hiring top talent requires a tremendous amount of time and takes focus away from core business priorities.

Some of the time-consuming recruitment activities that must be handled:

  • Sourcing for candidates
  • Screening for highly qualified candidates
  • Sorting through hundreds of on-line and paper resumes
  • Conducting initial and subsequent interviews

BIS® reduces this disruptive process and time-consuming burden, so you end up with only the best candidates – those who have been professionally screened and interviewed to match your specifications and company culture.

Some of the many benefits of using our Recruitment Process are:

  • Our fee structure is typically 60% less than traditional recruitment fees
  • Candidates sourced and selected are exclusive to your search
  • Reduced managerial burdens and valuable time savings
  • Assessment to ensure job suitability

Training & Development

Strategically aligning employee performance with organizational goals is essential to meet company objectives. Employee engagement plays a significant role in a company’s overall performance. The better employees perform, the better the organization will perform.

Supervisors are also a critical component for maximum productivity, as these leaders must know how to effectively achieve results through others.

With a proven track record in Training and Development, BIS® has been supporting diverse businesses for over 25 years with successful results.


BIS® provides a wide array of effective training curriculum to assist in the organizational development of your company. Whether it be state mandated Harassment Prevention Training or Supervisor Development, BIS® provides the necessary instruction to develop a top performing organization.

Employee Handbook

Many unnecessary business headaches and legal battles can be easily avoided, when companies seek the right guidance and support to develop effective employee handbooks. If your company doesn’t clearly define your HR policies, others will define them for you, leaving your organization vulnerable to potential legal challenges.

BIS®’ successful 20-year track record includes developing highly effective handbooks specifically tailored to our clients needs, since we have learned over the years no one solution fits all. Handbooks must be designed with consideration of a company’s unique culture, provide employees clear expectations and direction, and outline key policies and procedures…all of which helps reduce employee confusion and company liability.

BIS® develops practices for your workplace that enhance employee satisfaction and company performance, limit legal exposure, and ensure regulatory compliance. Part of our process is asking key questions such as these:

  • Are you really an “at-will” employer?
  • Are your assets and proprietary information protected?
  • Are you providing leave time as required by State or Federal regulations?
  • Are you properly disclosing necessary information to employees?

When our team develops employee handbooks, our experience in many HR disciplines, makes a world of difference and helps companies:

  • Ensure both Federal and State compliance
  • Create relevant policies for your business
  • Set clear rules for your workplace
  • Providing the required disclosures for your employees

and with as little exposure as possible. Additionally, our service includes consulting support throughout the plan year.

BIS® covers all needs from tactical to strategic