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BIS, with more than 25-years of data science experience, uses the proper and ethical manipulation of data to better organize and read using Data Manipulation Language (DML). This means business leaders can deploy focused data-mining and high-level machine learning techniques that reach beyond traditional data resources to provide robust and actionable data sets and drive evidence-based decisions.

Automated “Right-Time” Dashboards

Customized dashboards provide just-in-time data so that your business has the right information the moment it’s needed. Your dashboard is designed for your specific needs. We’ll meet with you and design the best package for your business needs. Our dashboards are capable to report data or integrate any predictive element needed to provide the most informed story available. If you can think it, we can build it, and we partner through each step of the process.

Decisions are only as good as your data

Most dashboard tools let you visualize your data sources, but the real value lies in acting on it. Our interactive tools provide data based on the trends you’re seeing in real time. Our predictive tools recommend actions to take. Not happy with where the data is headed? No problem! We can add prescriptive elements that recommend changes in behaviors today that will impact the predicted outcome of the future. No one else provides this level of service and real ROI to your business

Specific To Your Needs

We will build a program specific to your needs. If you want a tool that administer, we can do that. Need more hands-on assistance? We can do that as well. The package we create is focused on returning the most ROI as possible to your business. Our desire is to be viewed an extension of your business. Tell us how we can best support your situation.
You don’t know what you don’t know, but your data does.
We can help you unleash the power of your data into informative modeling to allow informed decisions that better your business.
What is it YOU need to know?
We find the answers that allow you to act rather than react. Large or small, we can improve your business.

BIS is your one‐stop‐shop for all things predictive. We have the experience building proprietary algorithms and the legal team to ensure the most effective intellectual property protection.

Contact us for further pricing options, discussion, and for support in identifying the right package for your business. We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs and build a custom tool just for you.

Need Survey Data?

Get data for only the job families that you need, or purchase the full suite and get robust data to benchmark your organization from top to bottom.

All-industry products provide data for most roles and responsibilities found in the southeast region. Using all-industry data, you are able to compare your company’s pay to the overall market as well as to other companies similar in size and revenue, thereby posturing yourself to attract and retain the talent you need.

Ready To Unleash The Power Of Your Data?

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision. ~ Peter Drucker

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